PropertyTree Reviews


Heather Li On Wing - Director of One Agency Empire Property

Moving to Property Tree was a no-brainer. The only thing holding me back at the time of integrating was having to be at a desktop. Moving to Property Tree, I think the process that has changed the most is the automated communication for inspections.


Sujith Cooray - Wise Group

 PropertyTree has helped me to grow my business, especially increasing my rent roll. I simply just add my properties, add my landlord details, add my tenants. The payments are all automated and my landlords can access their statements very easily. I don’t have to spend too much time or effort bookkeeping because I am with PropertyTree, it takes care of all my trust accounting needs.


Jim Arvanitakis - Eview Group South East

 Delivery of service is really important to us and PropertyTree has helped me be more aware of what’s going on with landlords and tenants. For anyone that’s thinking about what their next move is in terms of software, Property Tree is the one solution to consider.


Sam Zhao - CAN Estate Agents


I recommend PropertyTree, as it is cloud-based and easy to use. At the start of your business, you don’t want to spend more time or money on your internal administration. PropertyTree gives you the ability to get your job done on the road, at the office or at home.


Ahsan Qureshi - Professionals Caroline Springs

End of month with PropertyTree is very, very easy. Before we would have to do the printouts and then we would have to scan these to keep as soft records for backup purposes. PropertyTree gives us very smooth reports, instead of printing we just keep it on file.


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