Give tenants their own movologist and earn extra revenue when they connect their utilities. Activation and FAQ guide.


Happy tenants

What better way to nurture a great relationship from the get go than by giving tenants their own movologist? You’ll earn extra revenue when they connect their lights, gas or book a mover through Movinghub – and props for helping them settle.

Boost your bottom line

When tenants opt in, your property manager activates their Movinghub utilities connection service in just one click in PropertyTree. The best part? Every time tenants connect a service via Movinghub, you earn referral revenue.

Get started – here’s how

Simply log in to PropertyTree to activate Movinghub. Update your tenant onboarding form with a checkbox so tenants can opt in when they sign their lease. That’s it – your new revenue stream is now open, and it’s smiles all round.