Trust Account Management

Compliant Accounting, Automatic Bank Reconciliation, Integration with XERO, Sales Trust Management.

Detailed Maintenance Workflow

Detailed Maintenance Workflow

The Maintenance Workflow allows you to manage the entire lifecycle end-to-end from maintenance request through to when the invoice has been paid. Tenants are able to log maintenance requests via the Tenant Portal, upload relevant photos and track the status. Likewise, Owners can view and approve maintenance requests via the Owner Portal. All the communications are stored in PropertyTree, meaning you have a complete overview of the maintenance job.

Quote Automation

Create as many quote requests as required, and automatically send them to the relevant creditors. Work orders are also automatically sent once you have accepted a quote on behalf of your owner. Have an owner that would prefer to complete the maintenance themselves? No problem, you can mark it as Owner Attending, so that you can still track the progress and have all the notes on the maintenance request.

Quote Automation
Intuitive Management

Intuitive Management

Once a maintenance job has been completed, and you have received the invoice from the creditor, easily link the invoice to the maintenance job in question to ensure that the complete workflow is tracked and referenced from start to finish. Full visibility for owner and tenant alike.

  • Inspection Workflow

    Automate the scheduling of routine inspections and notifications to owners and tenants.

  • Maintenance Workflow

    The Maintenance Workflow allows you to manage the entire lifecycle from maintenance request through to creditor payment.

  • Online Access for your Clients

    Owner Portal and Tenant Portal allow your clients to see information relevant to them.

  • Automatic Arrears

    Save time by allowing PropertyTree to automatically send out arrears notices based on configurable schedules.

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