Trust Account Management

Compliant Accounting, Automatic Bank Reconciliation, Integration with XERO, Sales Trust Management.

Automated Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Take the pain out of planning and co-ordinating inspections. Configure inspection frequencies and let PropertyTree automate the scheduling of routine inspections. Inspection notices can be generated and automatically sent to owners and tenants via email or SMS with content that can be completely customisable to your agency.

Owner Tenant Portals

Your clients that are using the Owner & Tenant Portals, can request alternative times or confirm the inspection, ensuring that all the pre-planning related to the inspection and communication is documented and stored in PropertyTree

Owner Tenant Portals
Customisable Fees

Customisable Fees

Once you have completed the inspection, a report can be generated and photos attached and sent directly to the owner and tenant. Using our customisable fees, you can even set up a fee to be charged automatically when you close an inspection, and the next routine inspection is automatically scheduled for you. Meaning, that the complete inspection workflow is taken care of for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Inspection Workflow

    Automate the scheduling of routine inspections and notifications to owners and tenants.

  • Maintenance Workflow

    The Maintenance Workflow allows you to manage the entire lifecycle from maintenance request through to creditor payment.

  • Online Access for your Clients

    Owner Portal and Tenant Portal allow your clients to see information relevant to them.

  • Automatic Arrears

    Save time by allowing PropertyTree to automatically send out arrears notices based on configurable schedules.

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