Introducing Invoice Genius

Process hundreds of invoices before your second latte

Invoice Genius is a new feature that is contained within PropertyTree, designed to save time and money by scanning and reading invoices, automating the data entry from the scanned invoices through an intelligent document reader. 

Simply scan or upload a stack of invoices into PropertyTree and Invoice Genius will automatically extract the key information and align it with the correct owners account. And because it's PropertyTree, all the documents are stored securely in the cloud for future reference. 

This new feature is available to all existing PropertyTree customers now!

If you're already a PropertyTree customer you simply need to Login to PropertyTree and activate Invoice Genius.

PropertyTree customers that activate Invoice Genius will receive this service as part of their monthly subscription fee.

Watch our introduction video below for a quick overview of Invoice Genius.

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  • Complete end to end invoice automation

  • Process 100's of invoices in minutes
  • Automated functionality
  • Access 24/7- anytime anywhere, any device
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • All your invoices will be stored in the cloud
Welcome to Invoice Genius
Step 1

Welcome to Invoice Genius

Watch our short video and learn about Invoice Genius from PropertyTree. This video will show you a step by step explanation of how to use Barcodes and QR codes. You can scan up to 100 invoices at once making the tiresome job of processing invoices a dream.

Step 2

Knowledge Base Guide

All PropertyTree customers have access to our Invoice Genius Knowledge Base information which will answer any question you have about how to use Invoice Genius. You will have access to intuitive videos that explain step by step what you need to do as well as articles which will guide you through the process.

Knowledge Base Guide
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