Sep 14 , 2018

How experience management drives change at Rockend


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What does it take to be the leading property software provider in Australia and New Zealand? To us at Rockend, it’s all about a great experience. While it is true that the customer experience is one of our priorities, we believe in going beyond that. We believe in the total experience.

Experience management x Qualtrics

Total experience management encompasses the four core experiences in Rockend. We partnered with Qualtrics to provide us with an Experience Management (XM) solution that helps us gain insights into the customer, employee, product and brand experience.

Here’s how we are improving each experience and how they work together in helping us make better decisions and drive organisation-wide improvement efforts.

1. Customer Experience

Here at Rockend, we are obsessed with giving our customers only the best. We always want to do right by them, listening to their needs and being there in every stage of their journey with us. With XM, we have a real-time view of what customers want, optimising our service to meet demands and provide a better experience. Our awards and recognition from CSIA is a testament to our never-ending commitment to a great customer experience.

2. Employee Experience

People are the heart of our organisation. Our talented and hardworking employees are what makes Rockend the industry leader it is today. We recognise the importance of having a great team in achieving the organisation’s goals, which is why we are dedicated to helping our employees reach their full potential in whatever role they specialise in. With XM, we are identifying training gaps, developing top performers and optimising key moments across every stage in our employee’s journey. 

3. Product Experience

Innovation, convenience and world-class quality are what makes our products the number one choice of thousands of property professionals in Australia and New Zealand. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and provide solutions to customer needs all while being on top of the latest technology. We do this with XM by uncovering unmet product needs, prioritising features, measuring user experience, and predicting market adoption and change.

4. Brand Experience

We take pride in the fact that Rockend is the trusted name in property software for over 38 years. Our longevity is part of our brand—encompassing the reliability of our products and our excellent customer service. Now with XM, we are improving ways for new market segments to recognise what we are all about. Through benchmarking and tracking brand awareness, equity, and perceptions, our researchers are able to identify new client segments for more effective message targeting.

With data from all these four experiences, our leaders can make informed choices in moving the organisation forward by prioritising changes and focusing efforts on areas that will have the greatest impact.

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